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2023: Tinubu served for 20 years before presidential ambition – Oluremi

Senator Oluremi, wife of the All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu, has said it took her spouse 20 years of raising leaders and serving the country politically before deciding to run for the presidency.

The three-term senator made the statement at the ‘Pre-Election Strategic Meeting with Zonal, State and Local Government Women Leaders’ in Abuja on Friday.Her claim is coming barely 24 hours after she alleged that she begged the wife of her husband’s running mate, Hajia Nana Shettima, for N2 million on Wednesday.

Oluremi stated this at a town hall meeting with People Living with Disabilities in Abuja to counter the assumption that her family was stupendously rich giving the status of her husband in Nigerian politics.But on Friday, the Lagos senator reassured a gathering of women leaders and local government workers that a ‘Tinubu-Shetimma presidency is their ticket to regaining the lost glory of the country.She said, “There is a popular saying that ‘What a man can do, a woman can do better.’ This is the time for women to take control again. Take control of our homes so that we can build our homes and nation.

“Look, my husband had not contested an election since 2003. This year will make it 20 years. He did not just wake up and say it is my turn. You can’t serve other people for 20 years and make sure they excel and don’t believe that you should take your own place.This time is not a coincidence. When God says it is now, it is time. They told us we are buying people to come to rallies. But God now said what I am going to do is to shut the heavens so that when there is no money, you will see my glory. Are we not seeing God’s glory?

“Just be patient, then go and vote. When you vote, shine your eyes and monitor until they count your votes. This is the beginning of better days for Nigeria. Don’t worry. Things will soon start happening. The best of Nigeria will come and all of us will be partakers in it.”While charging the women leaders to return to their respective states, wards and units to educate their women folks to vote for the Tinubu-Shettima ticket, she assured them that her husband is not known to be an ingrate.According to her, even God who created the firmament detests ingratitude and would always bless those who appreciate it.

“There is a need for me to thank all of you. We are not an ungrateful people. God doesn’t like people who are ungrateful, especially people who don’t come back to properly say thank you. In fact, it is a sin to be an ingrate.“We want this gathering to know that we are not God but we will be grateful. I want to thank you all. We want you all to go to your units and prove yourself ahead of the election,” she said.


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