Without BBN, you’re a nobody” — Monalisa Stephen responds with applause to Tacha’s body shaming.


An advocate for body positivity named Monalisa Stephen attacked Big Brother Naija Tacha for body-shaming her.continue Reading 

In an interview with Pulse Nigeria, Monalisa claimed that the reality star had become arrogant and unappreciative of the program.

She reminded Tacha that if it weren’t for the reality program, she would still be a nobody twerking online. She continued by saying that it was acceptable for the reality star to continually talk about how BBN had changed her.

Tacha criticized Monalisa on her Instagram page because she doesn’t hold back when reacting to her detractors.

She pondered how many times she ought to express gratitude to the show’s creators for choosing her.

Tacha wondered if in order to show her gratitude, she needed to frequently clean their workplace tables and desks.

She insulted her, telling her that Tacha had worked hard to be where she is and that she will always be a dùmb.

She provided evidence for her assertion that BBN alone did not make her in a subsequent tweet by pointing out that another housemate, Ella, has not attained the same level as she has.

She then started criticizing Monalisa’s body.

Monalisa replied to Tacha on her Instagram story, saying that she would be a nothing with the reality show.

She commented that because she is self-made, unlike Tacha, Tacha can never relate to her.

By thanking her admirers in Lagos and Port Harcourt for taking her out, she further suggested that Tacha was a nice girl. Taking care of the reality star.

You disgrace me by your mind and body. Without BBN, you are completely useless. I made it on my own. However, you will never be able to relate to it because of the Port Harcourt and Lagos males. Astalavi Donate demmmm.

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