Voicenote of Jaruma negotiating price with client for a one night stand leaks online (Video)


A voice note allegedly capturing the conversation between popular aphrodisiac seller and a man who offered to sleep with her for N10million has been leaked on social media.

In the leaked voice note, the man offered to pay a certain amount of money to sleep with her but Jaruma was heard begging the man to add more money for her.

The man offered to pay 10 million naira for a night but Jaruma stated that it was too too small for her to take for a whole night.

According to Jaruma, she charges N280 million per night from her clients.

However, she appealed to the client to make it 50 million for the night, and she would consider his request.

Sharing the video via Instagram, Jaruma asked her fans if she should consider or not.

Responding to her question, a troll identified as SucreJay wrote;

“A whole s*x therapist and them still dey price u. S*x therapist in the mud”.


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