[Video] Josh2funny: Watching my parents watch my AGT performance was one of the best feelings I’ve had lately.


Josh2funny Shares His AGT Performance and Parents’ Priceless Continue Reading 

Josh2funny, a well-known comedian, beams as he talks about his parents’ delight at his appearance on America’s Got Talent.

The comedian surprised the judges and the audience by suddenly entering the stage and giving a funny performance.

Nigerians applauded Josh2funny’s performance afterward, happy with his effort.

A video of the comedian’s parents watching him perform was just posted on his Facebook page.

One of the best experiences Josh2funny has had in a long time, he said.

He said this:

Watching my parents watch my AGT performance was one of the best feelings I’ve had lately. I woke them up early in the morning to watch, and their prayers are working”

See the post below:

Gushing over the video, netizens dropped heartfelt comments.

Actor Nosa Rex wrote: “U see dis moment. Cherish am bro. If u know u know ,.. I wish my parents Dey May God keep urs and continue to make dem smile. But baba try Dey spend time with them ooo”

Amakashautecouture wrote: “Mumcy no just know how to react again. See how excited she is.”

mrpresidennnt wrote: “You are a blessed child and it’s only appropriate that you receive and enjoy all the blessings coming your way bro”

Gazkitchen_ wrote: “The moment our parents prayed for 😍 may God keep our parents to enjoy every moment of their labor”

damioluwatoyinboglobal wrote: “So hilarious and ingenious, you took your show-THE AUDITION to the most loved talent show in the world- after years of consistency and creativity. You’ve proven yet again that AUTHENTICITY is an ASSET that commands ATTENTION on ANY STAGE and that CONSISTENCY has massive rewards. well done and thank you.”

Watch video below 👇

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