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[Video] If you don’t believe this… you are on a long thing. See What Happened to a Boy In A Night Club.

After her son’s private area was “stolen” by an unnamed man, a woman sobs inconsolably.continue Reading 

A video of a mom crying uncontrollably while accusing an unnamed man of stealing her son’s privates went viral.

Neighbors who had gathered at the scene of the tragedy made an effort to reassure her and her child on camera.

As of the time this report was submitted, the recorded occurrence’s exact cause was still a mystery.

Users of social media have reacted to the video in various ways, giving their opinions about the unfortunate event on their profiles.

See some reactions below:

Xin_nightwolf wrote, “If you don’t believe this… you are on a long thing… this thing been happening for years… touch and you become impotent for life…. There is no returning back from that …. Except the one who took it return it back. I used to say it’s unreal until it happened right before my eyes.. na one woman help them test am… after returning it.. the lady had to help him massage it… baba strong like rock. Everybody dey shout.”

Latalove001 said, “Take him for prayers. This happened to my brother, but Jesus came through for me and my family. Jesus is the only way.”

Ksolo_hitz commented, “Omo some years back I thought this was not real until it happened.

Watch video below 👇



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