[Video] BBNaija Allstars: During the pool party, Alex punched Ike in the face after they got into An Argument.


Ike and Alex Unusual, roommates on Big Brother Naija All Stars, got into an altercation after a fun pool party.

After the arena events, the event took place as housemates gathered in the yard for a pool party. Read Full Article 

The housemates had a great time swimming around and taking in the festive ambiance as the event got underway.

However, the mood changed dramatically when the camera zoomed in on Alex and Ike having a heated disagreement in the pool.

Housemates were confused and concerned about the cause of the two’s abrupt disagreement following the dispute.

Alex claims the argument started after Ike allegedly pushed her hard into the water leading to her struggle to stay afloat.

Alex said that during the push, her costume malfunctioned, which caused her to retaliate violently.

After the pool party, things seemed to calm down as Alex and Ike were seen talking in private beneath the covers, trying to work out their differences and come to a consensus.

Their specific conversation’s content is yet unknown.

Watch video below 👇

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