[Video] Adekunle Mocks Whitemoney “I asked him for the price of a car and he did not know.”


Adekunle reveals Whitemoney’s alleged plan to his housemates: “I asked him for the price of a car and he did not know.”continue Reading 

Whitemoney’s strategy was revealed by roommate Adekunle in a recently uploaded video from the BBNaija Season 8 All-Star Edition show.

While seated across from Venita and Seyi, Adekunle had a conversation with Whitemoney, which he related in detail.

When asked how much a particular car would cost, Whitemoney claimed to sell cars during their talk but was unable to give an answer. In light of this, Adekunle said that Whitemoney might not have the information he claimed to have.

Adekunle hypothesized that Whitemoney’s tactic might be this.

Following the disclosure of this information, viewers rushed to the comments area to provide their opinions and analyses of situation.

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teeto__olayeni: “Adekunle is always trying to create doubt in people’s minds about other people. White money sells cars. If the car he asked him about is not currently in his inventory, he may not know the price. But Mr Adekunle, decipherer of all strategies has a problem with that.”

so_socollection: “Whitemoney is a business man. Two places I have seen him were business areas. I have seen him at trade fair and at computer village Ikeja. And this two places are big business area so Oga rest. It doesn’t mean tho, he can’t know the prices of all cars na. Most times it’s when people request they will check the current price for them.”

yourprincecharming01: “See adekunle playing a role of husband to venita but whitemoney might just be the middle man.”

micheal_c4: “This boy na werey ooo. Na only broke people they reason like this. So make people dey carry every car prize for head. Even if na lie,you have to get working to be able to lie. Goan tell your own lie now. Turkey.”

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