Unidentified scammers have hacked and taken control of Portable’s Official Instagram Account Of 2– Million Followers.


Hackers Take Down Portable’s Over 2 Million-Following Instagram Page

According to the management of the musician, hackers have taken control of Portable’s official Instagram page.Read Full Article 

In a statement released on Wednesday, Portable’s management acknowledged the circumstance. They promised that the problem will be fixed.

It was claimed that the hackers, acting as Portable, were using the page to disseminate lies, con games, and potentially hazardous content.

The declaration reads:

We regret to inform you that unidentified scammers have hacked and taken control of Portable’s official Instagram account. We are aware that this occurrence might worry and confuse some of our devoted fans, but we want to reassure you that we are working diligently to find a solution.

“It has come to our knowledge that the hackers are utilizing the account to propagate rumors, con games, and potentially hazardous content while pretending to be Portable. We admonish all fans to ignore any communications, demands, or posts emanating from the hijacked account.

When the hacking was revealed, Portable and his team made it clear that they presently have no control over any content that will be released from the hijacked Instagram account.

“We are taking immediate action to regain control and restore the account to its rightful owner,” the statement continued. In the meanwhile, we sincerely ask for your understanding and assistance during this trying time.

“We sincerely regret any trouble we may have caused and want to reassure you that we are working nonstop to find a quick solution. The affection and support from his fans is greatly appreciated by Portable, and we are dedicated to looking out for your best interests.

“During this trying period, we appreciate your cooperation and understanding. We will all work together to move past this tragic event and carry on appreciating Portable’s music and performers.

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