Ukrainians Pushed Me Off The Train, Shoved Dirty Diapers In My Face — Fleeing Nigerian Student Narrates Ordeal



A Nigerian student fleeing the crisis in Ukraine, identified only as Ngubu, has narrated his experience while trying to board a train from Ukraine to Poland.

The young man said he was pushed off a train by Ukrainians and a dirty diaper shoved in his face.


Ngubu who spoke with SaharaReporters on Tuesday said he was currently stranded in Kiev city as he noted that he was seeking other alternatives to leave the area to safer regions.

The young man said he had joined a train departing the city to Poland on Monday but because he was black, he was pushed off and a dirty diaper shoved in his face, an embarrassing and humiliating experience, he said.


He said, “My name is Ngubu, I am from Nigeria but I am currently stranded in Kiev here. I got on a train to Poland yesterday but they kicked me off and shoved a dirty diaper in my mouth. There was poop all over my face. It was humiliating, I had to taste poop for the first time in my life. I am still stranded in Kiev here.”

There have been reports, along with videos of Nigerians being turned back at Ukraine’s borders in their attempt to exit the troubled country for neighbouring ones.

Just yesterday, some Nigerian students fleeing Ukraine due to the Russian military invasion, shared their ordeal at the Romania-Ukraine border.

One of them who shared a video on her Instagram on Monday captured a white man (Ukrainian) who was trying to stop their vehicle from proceeding on the journey to safety because they were blacks.


According to her, the man who exhibited racist tendencies kept circling the car ordering them to step aside while he tried to attack the person who was capturing him on camera.


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