Three friends rescued after boarding An 18 seater bus where 15 of the passengers are kidnappers (Video)


A kidnap syndicate have been arrested after a failed attempt to kidnap three friends.

The incident which happened in the last week of February comes at a time money ritual cases have increased in the country.

Three friends who boarded an 18 seater bus from Onitsha to Lagos escaped a kidnap attempt as military officials came to their rescue.

According to reports, the three unsuspecting friends entered the bus occupied by 15 kidnappers pretending to be passengers.

After a while the three friends were driven to a different destination where they were held at gunpoint.

One of the three friends, who is a Naval officer, quickly sent a WhatsApp message to his colleagues on patrol describing the bus and the plate number and fortunately, the officers came to their rescue.

Surprisingly, the kidnap syndicate consisted of young girls, elderly men, youths, etc.

Surprisingly, the kidnap syndicate consisted of elderly men, mothers, fathers, youths, Octogenarians and young girls.

Watch the video below;


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