That’s child abuse. She’s too young for him. Fans Reacts To Ivy Ifeoma, Paul Okoye’s girlfriend.


Ivy Ifeoma, Paul Okoye’s girlfriend, responds to a follower who asks when she was five when Psquare released Bizzy Body.

The girlfriend of Paul Okoye and Instagram personality Ivy Ifeoma revealed her age at the time Psquare’s Bizzy Body song was released.

She published a video of herself moving and dancing to the tune of the popular Psquare song, “Bizzy Body.” She is well recognized for creating amusing content on Tiktok.

Ivy danced to the beat of the music while sporting a stylish pair of Y2K sunglasses, a white crop top, and a black leather skirt.

As the comments poured in, one curious fan couldn’t help but wonder how old Ivy was when “Bizzy Body” was released.

Ivy replied plainly, stating that she was just five years old when the popular song first came out.

“At what age did your boyfriend and his brother release this hit?” Vicky, a follower, posed a question.

Ifeoma responded, “5”

Many people have reacted differently to her revelation, with the majority opining that she is too young for Paul Okoye because he was already well into his 20s when he published the song.

Check out some of the responses below!

a single chae_bae_shey

“That’s child abuse. She’s too young for him.”

22 one mzz dame

Since you don’t care about your business, this lady got a response for you.

“Let this babe rest,” said one Jaycee_design. She is better than most of you dating people’s father.

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