Ten things to say to a woman to make her love you


Building a genuine connection and affection with someone is about being yourself and expressing respect and care rather than using specific phrases. Here are five suggestions for things to say or do: Read full article 

Compliment sincerely: Compliment her on things you genuinely appreciate about her.
Listen actively: 

Show interest in her thoughts, feelings, and experiences. 

Be supportive: Offer encouragement and support for her goals and aspirations. 

Communicate openly: Share your thoughts and feelings honestly. 
Respect boundaries: Be mindful of her personal space and comfort levels.
Be empathetic: 
Show understanding and empathy towards her concerns and emotions. 
Make her laugh: A sense of humor can create a strong connection. 
Share experiences: Create memorable moments together through shared activities. 
Express appreciation: Let her know you appreciate her presence in your life. 
Be reliable: Show consistency in your actions and commitments. Remember, authenticity and kindness are key in any relationship. 
Building love takes time and effort, so be patient and focus on building a meaningful connection

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