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Super Eagles player once described as a ‘good Sunday League player’ hailed for his character

He rose through the ranks and has always been outstanding with his discipline, focus and character.

Owner of the foundation that produced Super Eagles midfielder, Joe Aribo has described him as a great personality who’s grounded and humble.

Harry Hudson said when Aribo joined the Kinetic Foundation as a young footballer, he was described as a ‘good Sunday league player’ but he has since turned the corner and emerged one of their biggest products.

Hudson said Aribo’s interests are clear and he’s not about the fast life, despite having enough to afford it. He said this has continuously made him a good example of the players coming through the ranks at the foundation.

In an interview with Football Scotland, Hudson said Aribo always comes through for the foundation when needed.

“Joe is a lovely young man. He’s so grounded and so humble. He’s a real credit to his family and such a lovely young man. When Kevin (Ciubotaru) signed for Rangers I asked Joe to go and say hello to him and make him feel welcome and Joe would come back to me straight away,” he said.

“If we have any events he’ll do it, he did an Instagram Live for us. He’s always helping us wherever he can. He always stays in contact and if I ever ask him for something it might not be immediate but he’ll always get back to me and we’re really grateful for him to support us whenever he can.

“The challenge we have in society is for most of the young people their role models are either footballers or rappers.

“They are the two things they’ll look up to. Some of the footballers are negative role models. Even if I look at someone like Karim Benzema and what he releases on social media. It’s a mini film of him driving mad cars with Balenciaga shoes and £200k watches and that’s what the young people believe is success.”

Biobaku Lekan
Biobaku Lekan
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