Hustling tight is a necessity 
Motivated by sight that be 
Not executed on convenience
Hardship paddles it boat faster 
Man’s will to win 
is insatiable a thirst in the desert .
Winning winning victory!
The mind of the heart thinks.
Every new phase of life 
Tougher than the last to drive 
So the belt goes tight, tighter!,tighter!!
The waist of breakthrough fight, fiercer!, fiercer!!,fiercer!!!
Victory for one 
Means battle for another
But, the hope keeps us going
“Nothing last forever” is a knowing
People motivate us to push 
An inner conviction drives the fuss
I know! I know! My redeemer lives 
I will stand, walk and fall 
I will cry, run and soar
Yes! I will get the victory
Of every fight, I am faced with.
 Nene Anyim 💭💭
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