Presidential Tribunal: Highlights of Tinubu’s petition against Tinubu’s ruling.


The Allied Peoples Movement (APM) case against President Bola Tinubu is now being heard by the Presidential Election case Court. Read Full Article 

The five-member bench’s leader, Haruna Tsammani, has started reading the decision.

APM asserts that Kashim Shettima was ineligible to run as Tinubu’s running mate in the February 25 presidential election, according to Bendelnews.

His nomination, according to the party, violated other constitutional clauses and Section 35 of the Electoral Act of 2022.

The party requests that the court annul the APC’s election results.

Tsammani drew attention to applications submitted by respondents on Wednesday asking that certain portions of APM’s petition be dismissed.

He makes it clear that the Court of Appeal is in session.

Tsammani emphasizes the respondents’ claim that the APM is not permitted to raise a fresh question or fact following the filing of the petition.

When APM’s petition was being heard, INEC objected to the addition of new information.

Tsammani asserts that it is obvious that the issue of qualification or non-qualifying pertains to the run-up to the election.

The judge claims that the Federal High Court should have been used to discuss the disqualification issue brought up by the APM in its petition. According to him, the presidential election court lacks the authority to hear it.

Tsammani further draws attention to the respondents’ argument that the matter brought up by APM should have been brought up before the Federal High Court within 180 days of Mr. Shettima’s candidacy for vice president of the APC on July 27, 2022. According to the respondents, the window for litigation on this matter closed in January 2023.

Tsammani noted that the question of a candidate’s qualifications for a political party is not open to all.

He continues by saying that it is not the responsibility of one political party or another political party.

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