Police Detains Woman For Brutally Beating Up A Kid, Her Niece For Taking Food From The Pot To Eat.

Fatmata Barrie, who viciously beat her 5-year-old niece Mariama Musa for stealing food from the pot after going without food for a whole day, was apprehended by police in Sierra Leone. Read full article 
An eyewitness claims that the incident occurred recently at Murray Town Barracks in Freetown. 
This 5-year-old girl was recently brought by this woman pictured below who is an aunt from the village to help her with domestic work at home. This is just one of several child cases of abuse this particular woman usually does to this poor little girl in the name of discipline. We are calling on the authorities to come to the aid of this poor child as the woman is boasting about the fact that her husband is a soldier and no one can do anything, not even the police. They live in a popular compound called Capt. Thoranka’s compound within the same Murray town barracks,” the witness said. 
The infant is presently receiving medical care, according to a statement released on September 11, 2023 by the Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone (HRCSL), which confirmed the development. 

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