Panic As Female Student Unknowingly Spends The Night With A Huge Snake On The Same Bed In Ogume, Delta (Video)


A female student has been left in shock after waking up to find out that she spent the night  with a large snake on her bed.

The snake is said to be the god of Amai, a place in delta state.

This happened over the weekend in Novena university, Ogume, Delta State.

The student who woke up in the morning to find out that she had passed the night with a snake on top of her bed woke the other boaders up.

The students reacted in panic upon spotting the snake on the bed.

A disturbing video capturing the huge snake resting unperturbed on the student’s bed is widely shared on social media.

One of the students who shared the video on Instagram captioned it saying;

“A student saw this snake on her bed in the early hours of today and she was resting her hand on top of the snake.
The snake is said to be the God’s of Amai a place in delta state. This happened in Novena university.”

Watch video;


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