Nigerian couple die mysteriously inside car during s€x, discovered two days later by a passerby (Video)


A lot of Nigerians were thrown into confusion on Tuesday after the bodies of a couple who died inside a Sienna vehicle during s€x were discovered. 

This shocking incident reportedly happened along Lagos/Ibadan expressway.

According to reports by residents of the area, the vehicle has been there for two days with the bodies inside before a passerby discovered them.

The young man who passed by raised an alarm after peeping through the vehicle’s windscreen and seeing the situation.

A video of the incident captures the vehicle’s particulars including the plate numbers, with a voice behind the camera urging friends and families of the deceased to visit the nearest police station close to Nasrul-Lahi-Li-Fathi Society (NASFAT) building to claim the bodies and the vehicle.

Watch the video below;


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