Nigeria@63: Honesty and Integrity Will Make Nigeria Great Again

Here is a fascinating story of Honesty and Integrity displayed by a Lagosian Mr Abayomi Idris Mukandas at Eko Hotels&Suites,who returning $20000 forgotten by a guest of the hotel.

The display of honesty at Eko Hotel& Suites did not start with Miss Ngozi.

In Mr Abayomi’s case he was not fully rewarded for his good deeds of honesty and Integrity in the same organization just like Miss Ngozi, partly because his honest deed was not given the required publicity when it happened.
Yes we can still do it now,it’s not too late for him to be recognized and rewarded.

This is something Phenomenal, extremely unusual, extraordinary,and highly remarkable and commendable.
It’s not very easy to return such huge amount of money, under a very tempting circumstance and difficult time in Nigeria.We all know that.
His family, friends, colleagues and Nigerians at large will appreciate your kindness,just like the publicity given to Miss Ngozi recently.
And of course the young people in Nigeria are all watching.They learn by example.They want to emulate these two staffers of Eko Hotel&Suites.

Mr Abayomi Idris Mukandas, a fmr staff of Eko Hotel and Suites in the Guests Contacts Area, found $20000(USD), and he returned it to the rightful owner at the Turkish Conference and Exhibition held in November 2012

A Brief Profile of Mr Abayomi Idris Mukandas!
Mr Abayomi Idris Mukandas is a Lagosian who hails from Isale Eko Onisemo White Cap Chieftaincy dynasty and Ijede LCDA,Ikorodu LGA,Lagos,Nigeria.
He worked in Eko Hotels& Suites in the Security department for many years and left voluntarily to pursue his ambition to become a top Global Shipping Elite,and executive in the Marine and Blue Economy sector of the Nigerian economy.He has received some of the best trainings and certifications in the Maritime Industry both nationally and internationally among which are the student member of London School of Shipping, Guilds of Marine Surveyors, Belgian Tendering and Contract Shipping m
He is now the Founder & CEO of Cvet Global Invt.Co.Ltd., and he is doing very well.
In addition,he is the Hon.Secretary of Victoria Island & Ikoyi Residents Association(VIIRA) which is a community advocacy group for corporate and private residents liaison with the Lagos State Government and other stakeholders (2014-2023).

His late mother Mrs Adejoke Rosaline Mukandas,nee Shitu,worked as a Land Surveyor for Lagos State Government,at the Surveyor General’s office and rose to the position of Deputy Director, during her meritorious service, before she passed on to eternal glory on January 6th, 1994.

Mr Abayomi Idris Olanrewaju,Mukandas lives in Lagos with his lovely wife(an HR expert) and children.

Having paid his dues and marked his time in the Hospitality and Maritime Industry,his friends, colleagues and family members would appreciate it if he is honored, rewarded and celebrated for his exemplary conduct of honesty and integrity.

A call for a change of Attitude for all Nigerians!

Nigeria@63,it’s only Honesty and Integrity that will make Nigeria Great again.
With honesty of purpose we will be able to manage our resources very well for the benefit of all Nigerians.
Remember the young people are the leaders of tomorrow.These change of attitude, will show that there is still hope for Nigeria.

Attached herewith is a photo gallery of Mr Abayomi Idris Mukandas and his colleagues at Eko Hotels& Suites.

Mr Abayomi can be contacted at Cvet Global Investment Services Ltd.Tel:+2348066201323,+2348058840475 WhatsApp.

Enjoy the reading and share the story.

Yours Sincerely,
Elder Chidi Soroibe (Grandpa)