Netizens digs out the Identity of Isreal DMW’s Wife, Sheila Courage’s Ex-Lover, After Their Marriage Supposedly Falls Apart.


Isreal DMW’s Wife, Sheila Courage’s Ex-Lover, Identity Surfaces Less Than 24 Hours After Their Marriage Supposedly Falls Apart.

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Online detectives have located Prince Amec, the ex-boyfriend of Sheila Courage, the wife of Israel DMW.

Prior to falling in love with Isreal DMW and ending their relationship, Sheila Courage reportedly had plans to wed Prince Amec, a pastor at City of Peace Ministries in Abuja Quarters GRA, Benin City.

Online in-laws came on a Facebook post from 2020 where he wished Sheila Courage a happy birthday.

He said in his epistle that friendship cannot be written on paper because it can be torn, nor can it be carved into a rock since a rock can crumble.

According to Pastor Amaraci, friendship is engraved on a person’s heart remains there forever.

He called Sheila the most incredible friend he had ever known and that he would always be grateful for the day they parted ways.

He prayed for her and referred to her as his choice and his darling.

Because paper might contain truth, friendship is not something that should be recorded on it.

Neither a rock can be used to write it, nor can a rock ever break.

But it is permanently inscribed on a person’s heart, where it remains for all time.

Happy birthday to my best friend ever, who is the best I’ve ever had.

I will express that I am grateful for the day we crossed paths today and forever.

My sweetheart, you may say lifted. May your new age be characterized by sound mind, good health, and above all may God reveal Himself to you more, Amen”.

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