Many ladies prepare for wedding than marriage – Mike Bamiloye


Many ladies prepare for wedding than marriage – Mike Bamiloye


The founder of the Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Mike Bamiloye, on Monday, disclosed that many ladies are not prepared enough to be wives even at the age of 28.

The movie maker and producer disclosed this on his Instagram page, saying that many ladies nowadays “prepare more for the wedding day, than for the marriage life.”

“Many are not preparing enough to enter into marriage. Many are shallow in their knowledge of marriage. No deep studies on what marriage entails”

He further said, “Some ladies are too hasty and not ready to sit down and learn the principles of marital life.

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“Many ladies are not qualified to be wives even at 28.”
He added that many of the ladies who are eager to marry do not know how to cook but are used to fast food at eateries, ice cream, and cooking noodles with boiled eggs.

“They can’t cook properly. They are used to fast food at the eateries and ice cream, (noodles) and spaghetti plus boiled eggs and Titus, and they spend six months studying the wedding gowns and the accessories for the bridal trails. And they want to marry.”

He noted that if love is blind at courtship, it is the marriage that will open the blind eyes.

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“Now, our young sisters are being taught how to walk out of marriage. Many of them are rushing in and they are being taught how to rush out of it when thing are not working out as expected.”

He, however, noted he is not in support of humiliating women, saying “I am against abuse to women. I am against abuse to wives. A man that beat or torture gis wife is an animal, unfit to live among humans.”

Mike Bamiloye



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