Man cries out for advice over his new wife’s habit of begging people for food including strangers


A worried husband has sought the help of a relationship counselor over his wife’s bad habit of begging for food from anyone including from strangers.

According to the man, the moment his wife sees a meal or snack she likes, she wouldn’t stop until she gets a portion of it from whomever owns it even if it is a roadside food.

The embittered young man who shared his story anonymously emphasized on how well he’s doing financially which still does not stop his woman from begging for food from people including close associates. 

In his narration, the stated that once his wife perceives the aroma of a good food from any angle, she wouldn’t stop until she begs to have a portion from whomever.

In his words;

“Please house, is this a medical issue, spiritual issue or habit. My wife’s longer throat is nothing to write home about. Our relationship was a distant relationship so I didn’t notice. 

After our marriage, she moved in with me. If anybody around our vicinity is cooking and my wife perceives it, she must go and beg the person for a portion. I thought it ended there.

If we are walking on the road and she perceives somebody cooking. Body go dey do am like go and beg. These are people we don’t know. Total stranger. Even people selling food aren’t left out. My wife must go and beg for a portion. Not even to buy.

There was a time we went to visit a friend in another state. As we were strolling, my wife perceived an aroma of fried plantain and she couldn’t control herself. 

She was practically begging me to permit her to go and beg them. Imagine. I thought she was joking 000h.” – Part of his narration reads. 

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