Kanayo Kanayo: People are Now Scared Of Me due to My role in a movie about money rituals.


Kanayo Kanayo seeks guidance for a fan who is afraid to see him due to his role in a movie about money rituals.continue ReadingĀ 

Legendary Nollywood performer Kanayo Kanayo has enlisted the help of his tens of thousands of followers to calm a worried fan who is afraid to see him because of his role in the money ritual movie.

On his Instagram page, the veteran shared a screenshot of the fan’s comment.

He noted that Kanayo was portrayed as an unrepentant ritualist in Nollywood throughout his formative years, and as a result, as a young child, he formed an opinion of him that was consistent with that.

He doesn’t know why, as an adult, he still has fear of him.

He claimed that he is afraid that Kanayo will utilize him in ceremonies and that he cannot even share a plate with him.

He told the actor in a message that he needs a complete rebranding because he now knows that Kanayo is a good man.

Reacting For him, Kanayo enquired about advice.

“Dear Friends, counsel this man,” I said.

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