On the 10th of December 2022, The People of Afon Land and the surrounding areas had yet another lovely day as KDO FOUNDATION CONDUCTS HER REGULAR FREE MEDICAL OUTREACH.

Over 287 persons took advantage of the free medical education on hygiene, the impact of drug usage on healthy living, and oral health counseling, which resulted in a significant turnout.
Additionally, several Free medical examinations were performed for everyone present, including Standard Check-ups (B/P, Temperature, Weight, Pulse), Malaria Examinations, Glucose Levels, Oral Examinations, HIV and Hepatitis Tests, and Malaria Check-ups. Depending on the attendees’ health, these and other medications were freely distributed.

KDO FOUNDATION was formally established in 2014 but has been known for these services since 2012. Until this year, services and impacts have been appreciated and felt. We pray that Almighty God will continue to strengthen the Foundation, the team, and all the donors out of His boundless mercy.
The entire population of the town appreciated the kind gesture and the great privilege KDO Foundation members brought, and they urged the team to keep up the good work. The Kabiesi of Afon Land (Obaladi of Afon Land), who was expertly represented by Chief Alawoode Sunday (Jagun of Afon Land), was also present.

Comr. KEHINDE Damilola Olorunjubelo, the team’s convener, responded by thanking the king, chiefs, and people of Afon for their tireless efforts in making the day a reality. He added that when the team was considering the cost of the venue, the Kabiesi, Obaladi of Afon Land said the palace is available for the team to use. The success of the events was aided by the assistance.

He also takes the opportunity to thank the invited medical professionals from all across Ogun State (Sango, Ifo, Abeokuta, and Imeko/Afon) for giving up their valuable time to provide free services to the general public.