Ibadan is filled with anticipation as traditional worshipers make plans for Isese Day.


The governor of Oyo State, Seyi Makinde, was commended on Saturday by members of the Traditional Religion Worshippers Association for what they called his preference for religious concord and support for religious freedom.continue ReadingĀ 

Makinde had previously announced that every August 20 will be set aside for the celebration of the Isese Festival and that Monday, August 21, will also be a holiday for state personnel through the Secretary to the State Government, Olanike Adeyemo.

Association members have been joyfully planning for these festivities, which will officially launch the first Isese Day festival to receive government clearance.

The executive director of the Aare Isese Foundation, Omikunmi Egbelade, the secretary of the association, Fakayode Fatunde, and Ifalere Odegbola, the Araba of Ibadan, all made statements in support of the governor’s ardent desire to create a sense of equality among the various religions and their adherents in the state.

As a result, the group advised practitioners of traditional religion to embrace the occasion of Isese Day to deepen their relationship with God and to offer prayers for the welfare of mankind, Nigeria, the nation, and their respective houses.

The statement read, “Although it came late, we are pleased today that this governor, who has always kept his word since taking office, finally did us the honor of designating a special day to celebrate Isese day in our dear state.We are grateful.

“We do not forget that despite our requests, previous administrations did not grant us this honor. In inking the administration’s authority on the equality of all religions for the benefit of the people and mankind as a whole, Governor Makinde today broke another record and inscribed his mark on history.

We take this chance to thank all who helped make this day possible, as well as Edumare, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, for allowing us to witness it.

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