I woke up this morning To watch my upload for tomorrow, I burst into tears! Ruth Kadiri.


Ruth Kadiri cries, “Watching myself get hurt and broken made me cry,” pleading with her fans.

Nollywood actress and director Ruth Kadiri was overtaken with emotion when she saw her most recent movie.continue Reading 

The mother of two said on her Instagram page that she sobbed during the middle of her movie.

Ruth added that she was unable to watch the rest of the film because seeing herself as hurt and shattered had made her cry.

However, she does counsel those who are affected by the movie to take a break, go for a walk, and then watch the movie again.

She pleaded with them to finish the film for her benefit.

The director then prayed for God to repair the brokenhearted’s heart.

I woke up this morning! To watch my upload for tomorrow!!

Halfway into the movie I burst into tears! Watching myself hurt and broken made me cry!! I couldn’t finish it! I beg! When you watch and you’re in tears! Pause the film! Take a stroll and come back and finish it! For my sake try and finish!!!
Love you all.

May God heal the hearts of all broken-hearted souls”.

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