I Rode A Bicycle From Benue To Lagos Just To See Davido, Yet He Pushed Me Away. Fan Laments Bitterly.


Reactions followed Davido’s stern statement to a devoted fan who was riding a bicycle from Benue to Lagos to visit him, “Turn around, I’m not home.”continue ReadingĀ 

Following Davido’s irate response to a devoted die-hard admirer who is cycling from Benue to Lagos to see him, there have been reactions.

On August 2, Mr. Emmanuel Myam, also known as Emmiwuks, set out on his voyage with the intention of visiting the artist in the state of Lagos.

Emmanuel’s friend Shakyum Joseph Kayode said he is now traveling to Benin City and that today is the ninth day of the spectacular Ride-a-thon.

He stated:

Mr. Emmanuel myam (Emmiwuks), a resident of Ukum LG in Benue state, is a devoted Davido fan. He is performing a Ride-a-ton for Davido on a bicycle from Benue to Lagos.

It’s the eighth day of his Ride-a-ton, and he’s going to Benin this morning. Yes! Davido, not the Guinness Book of Records, is the reason for Ride-a-ton.

Before Davido sees it, let’s share. As we rise, so do others. Emmi Wuks’s riding buddy. He began biking on Wednesday, February.

He is purely motivated by his unshakable affection for Davido, even though this incredible feat is not intended to land him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Many have taken notice of his tenacity and enthusiasm in the hope that Davido will see and appreciate what he is doing.

However, in response to the achievement, Davido urged the supporter to turn around because he wasn’t at home on his Twitter page.

Turn around, I’m not at home, he said.

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