How Can 100 Gays be in One Cell, No Be Honeymoon Be That?” Kevin Ikeduba Requests the police


Putting 100 Gays in a Cell, No Be Honeymoon Be That?” Kevin Ikeduba requests the police

Veteran Nollywood performer Kevin Ikeduba has spoken out against the arrest of alleged gays at a gay wedding in Delta State. Read Full Article 

This week, reports of police raiding a gay pub sparked a number of responses from online users and celebrities who weighed in on the topic.

Speaking of which, Ikeduba claimed in a recent Instagram post that 100 gay people being arrested and held in a single cell would be a fantastic experience for them.

Instead, he thought it would be their honeymoon.

He said this:

“Una arresta ciento homosexuales, una colocarlos in una cella, ni sera el honeymoon? Warr”

Check out the post below:

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