HEARTLESS By Oso Ayomide

We met as total strangers
And then became inseparable
We made promises
We created unforgettable moments

You meant the world to me 
I didn’t know we were just partners and not soulmates
Two separate people who happened to be sharing a menu and not life
I never knew a time would come 
That I won’t be able to hold your hands nor talk to you
Then we became strangers to each other again
What happened to those moments, those promises?
Where have I gone wrong?
You stabbed me
I bled out my heart
That I became heartless
Love cheated on me 
Why??? 💔

You were a loved fellow
Anytime I remember your laugh, your sense of fun
I lose my mind
But now you’re gone
Ruthless and cold-blooded I became
But who knows what made me become what I am now
You know me to be heartless
But I was once a lover of humanity
I loved everything, everyone
I was selfless
I ran south 
And west is where my heart is
She went with my heart
Now tell me, given the situation before you, could you have dealt with it any differently?
This poem is purely an effort of imagination ——– Oso Ayomide ✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼
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