Fuel souvenir: Arrest Yusuf, Hanan Buhari too – Reno Omokri tell authorities


Reno Omokri, a former presidential spokesperson has recalled how the children of President Muhammadu Buhari flouted the laws of the land on different occasions during their wedding ceremonies.

Recall that during a party organised by Pearl Chidinma Ogbolu, the Erelu Okin of Orile Kemta, in Lagos, petrol was given out as souvenir to the participants.

Kegs of fuel bearing ‘Erelu Okin Foundation Installation Party’ stickers were shared at the ceremony.

The footage triggered anger that got the authorities’ attention.

Ogbolu, in an Instagram post, apologized for the “momentarily indiscretion of bringing fuel into the hall”.

However, the Lagos State Government on Saturday sealed Havilah Events Centre in the Oniru area.

The facility was sanctioned for contravening public safety rules (fuel souvenir).

A joint team of the Lagos Safety Commission and the Police Rapid Response Squad (RRS) carried out the operation.

The controversial party was the installation of Pearl Chidinma Ogbolu as Erelu Okin of Orile Kemta.

And Omokri, who was the presidential assistant to Goodluck Jonathan, admitted that it is wrong to share fuel as souvenir, but swiftly recalled that members of the first family had also flouted some rules, such as the spraying of Naira notes and Covid-19 protocols in recent past.

He pointed out that while the COVID-19 protocols were breached at Yusuf Buhari’s wedding, Naira notes were sprayed at Buhari’s daughter, Hanan’s wedding.

“Yes, it is illegal to share petrol in kegs as party souvenir. But the CBN also made it illegal to spray Naira notes at parties. Naira notes were sprayed at Buhari’s daughter’s wedding. Why arrest the fuel in keg people, and leave Buhari’s daughter’s Naira sprayers?

“The threatened arrest of the fuel souvenir people reminds me of how they charged Naira Marley and Funke Akindele for breaching COVID-19 protocols, only for Yusuf Buhari’s wedding to be the mother of all COVID-19 breaches. But no one arrested anyone, much less charged!” He tweeted.


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