Employee of the Eko Hotel, Miss Ngozi Mary Kekwaru, receives N2 million and a chieftaincy title after returning lost money.


Miss Ngozi Mary Kekwaru, a member of the customer service team at the Eko Hotels in Lagos, received a recent honor in the state of Rivers for finding $70,000 that a guest had left behind.Continue Reading.

She was designated as the Ambassador of her hometown, Emohua Local Government Area, in recognition of her exceptional honesty.

Kekwaru received the position of brand ambassador during a ceremony held at the council secretariat in Emohua Town, presided over by Chidi Lloyd, chairman of the Emohua LGA.

She was also honored during the ground-breaking ceremony for a one-kilometer road construction project in the Ibaa Community.

Community leaders, important stakeholders, and members of the public were present to honor Kekwaru’s heroic deed.

In addition, she was given a chieftaincy title and had a well-known pavilion dedicated in her honor.

Kekwaru expressed her thanks for receiving these accolades and praised the Emohua and Ikwerre Local Governments, the Council of Chiefs, the people of Rivers State, and Nigeria.

She exhorted the young people to follow in her footsteps and abstain from criminal activity that would damage the good name of the Emohua Council region.

Kekwaru stressed that she gave back the money since she is a devout Christian who strongly believes in not taking what is not hers.

She unexpectedly received sympathy and support from people both inside and beyond the nation after the occurrence.

Additionally, she received a N2 million check from Dr. Samuel Nwanosike, chairman of the Ikwerre Local Government Council, at the council’s Isiokpo headquarters.

Kekwaru pledged to represent the Ikwerre ethnic nationality honorably wherever she goes.

Kekwaru made time to meet with her teacher and other important figures from her formative years when she was in Rivers State.

She honored her late father and everyone who helped raise her with strong moral values by dedicating her accolades and achievements to them.

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