Burna Boy mocks President Tinubu by saying, “Fuel never dey you wan go fight war.”


Burna Boy, a Grammy-winning artist, has made light of President Tinubu’s planned military invasion of the Niger Republic following their quarrel.continue ReadingĀ 

The Senate rejected President Tinubu’s request for support in order to take military action against the military junta in the Niger Republic.

Burna Boy answered by questioning how a war could be feasible given that the nation is now grappling with the rise in fuel prices during an Instagram live session.

After abruptly ending the subsidy, the “Stand Tall” singer urged President Tinubu to focus on resolving the current fuel pricing issues rather than the Niger war.

Burna Boy asked in Pidgin English, “Wettin dey sub na? Dem claim that we won’t engage a war in this manner [laughs]. Never go to combat without fuel.

“How did you get to the battleground? You use…. Do they still use that generator, betting? gas engine. E astound me. Nigerians are never bored with wahala.

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