Blue, Red Lines Trains To Commence Operation Before End Of 2022 — Sanwo-Olu


Lagos State governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, on Monday said the much-awaited Blue and Red lines trains are to commence operations before the end of 2022.

The Blue Line is designed to commence from Okokomiko to Marina while the Red Line is from Agbado to Marina.

The governor gave this assurance while on a tour round of the Red Line train project from Ikeja down to Yaba, Ebute Meta and finally to Marina that ends the Blue Line.

The governor conducted the tour that lasted for more than three hours, along with his entourage, despite the public holiday.

Speaking with journalists shortly after the tour, Sanwo-Olu explained that the monitoring of the project would be done to a quarterly basis to fast track the constructions.

The governor commended the contractors for working as scheduled, noting that work on the project should be delivered as promised.

“Our promise is on course, we are believing before the end of this year, we will see trains on top of these tracks. That is our commitment but we will continue to monitor and check ourselves.

“In the last three and a half hours, we have gone round to see the constructions ongoing between the Red Line and Blue Line.

“You will recall we have embarked on this trip three or four months ago. We have promised that we will be doing it every quarter so that we can see how contractors are doing.

“I’m happy to report as you all have seen that the constructions are going on as scheduled. Despite today being a public holiday, all the contractors are on sites,” the governor stated

“You can see where we are coming from, the Ikeja iconic station which will be the most iconic for Red Line, almost the same size like that of Marina. We were able to see that the last time, they were just at the foundation level but they are now in the second floor before they will get to the fourth floor which will be the final.

“There will be an overpass at Awolowo Way to Agege Motor Road. Everything is on course and we are hoping especially the bridge components will be finished before schedule because of the impacts of the traffic on the motorists around the corridor.

“At Yaba, we wanted to make a detour into Mushin but because of the logistics of how to get into Mushin station, there will be an overpass and a station also at Mushin.

“At Yaba, the last time we were there, they were still excavating but right now they are working to go to the second floor. You also saw the beams and they have been given a marching order to keep to timeline.

“At Ebute Meta, there will be an overpass from Muritala Mohammed Road up to Apapa Road. They are launching the columns, the station is far ahead because they have completed the station.

“At the Marina Station is the most iconic for the Blue Line. All the beams are to be launched. We have had precast beams stored at the national Art Theatre within six weeks, they should complete the launching,” he added.


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