African politics scholar and researcher, Azeem Salako, today paid a cordial visit to the Director and Chief Executive of the Nigeria French Language Village, Prof. Lateef Babatunde Ayeleru.

The planned visit was centered on areas of strategic discourse to nip in the bud the lingering and surging coups in French-speaking African countries. As a Research Fellow at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA), Azeem Salako has, in recent times, committed his research to understanding the root cause of the problems grappling with the effort on African integration. He has observed that his mission is in sync with part of the epiphenomenal mandate of the Nigeria French Language Village NFLV in the aspect of African integration, which is clearly stated on the school’s website.

He said it is worrying that six out of the seven successful coups in Africa since 2020, including the current one in the Niger Republic, are from French-speaking countries. He queried why French-speaking countries have decided to respond differently and violently to the social, economic, and political instability ravaging the African continent. Continuing, the Ibadan-trained political scientist commented that the current situation is testing the peace and unity among states in the African region, and we must give it the adequate attention and consideration it deserves.

During the talk, the Vice Chancellor of the Nigeria French Language Village, Prof. Babatunde Ayeleru, thought that the dynamics and controversies surrounding how Nigeria has so far responded to the military junta in the Niger Republic are not proof that it takes cognizance of the historical and socio-cultural ties between the two countries. Therefore, he shared possible solutions that may not be necessary for media publication.

After a tour around the school premises, Azeem Salako said Professor Tunde Ayeleru, who is currently serving as the Director/Chief Executive of the institution, a position with the same status as Vice Chancellors, has massively turned the higher institution around with impressive infrastructure, ultra-modern administrative buildings, remodeling of hostels, and facilities that will aid excellent productivity both for students and staff.

To appreciate the warm reception, Azeem Salako presented his gift, two books, Fourth Treaties and Understanding Politics in Africa, to the Vice Chancellor of the Nigerian French Language Village, and in exchange, the VC presented him with the NFLV Students Hand Book. The meeting featured a tea luncheon for the guest, Azeem Salako, and a platform to address a cross-section of students, after which he was treated to a delicious lunch.

The Nigeria French Language Village is an autonomous federal tertiary institution regulated by the Nigerian National Universities Commission. The center provides language immersion and acculturation programs for students of French studies across Nigerian tertiary institutions, including universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education. The institution also played roles and responsibilities that included promoting economic, technical, and social integration on the African continent.