After meeting Tinubu, Niger Gov. Umar considering engaging in discussion with bandits.


Umar Muhammed Bago, the governor of Niger, stated that following the meeting with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the administration is considering holding talks with the state’s terrorists and bandits.continue ReadingĀ 

Bago lamented the degree of insecurity in Niger State in a press conference with reporters after his meeting with Tinubu.

Bago stated, “We don’t want any significant military activity in Niger, and we also don’t want the herders to leave our state over trade and investment.

But if we can’t get to that point in the conversation, we’ll most likely have to resort to force.

In Niger State, recent attacks and murders of locals by bandits and terrorists have garnered media attention.

Farmers, according to Bago, are the most seriously impacted because many of them have abandoned their crops due to assault fear.

He spoke about how criminal activity such as banditry, livestock rustling, illegal mining, and other crimes had harmed state citizens.

“Niger State is being referred to as the food basket of the nation, largely due to our largest land mass in the country, which is also suitable for agriculture and is used by the government and a significant portion of the population,” he said.

The people of our country is continually at the mercy of bandits and other criminals due to the growing security worries, nevertheless.

On Monday, a Nigerian Air Force chopper crashed in the state, and gunmen killed military personnel, in An Ambush in the Shiroro Region Of Niger.

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