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After knocking out Robert Helenius, Anthony Joshua declares,”people need to leave me alone.

Anthony Joshua promptly responded to any criticism that his knockout of Robert Helenius in the seventh round was lacklustre.  
Joshua was scheduled to fight fellow British heavyweight Dillian Whyte, but Whyte was forced to withdraw last weekend after ‘adverse analytical findings’ were found in a doping test.
The two-time world champion was then frustrated by the Finnish veteran, who then intervened, to the point where boos and jeers resounded around the 02 Arena in London. 
But Joshua was eager to dispel criticism over the manner of his victory after decisively defeating his opponent and recording his second straight victory on his comeback route.  
After the bout, he said, “People need to leave me alone; this is my time in the ring.” “Permit me to continue doing what I’m doing. I requested that Helenius return. I believe he has a lot of potential to harm others. 
I don’t want to say too much. I want to see you (the fans) again two more times this year. Thanks to Eddie [Hearn
After Helenius stayed immobile after Joshua’s stunning knockout, there was momentary fear for him, but he was able to stand back up before the two combatants touched gloves.
Joshua’s victory has sparked speculation of a big bout coming up, and Hearn even said that the intention is to fight powerhouse Deontay Wilder immediately after Saturday night’s victory.    
It’s a volatile sport; you need to be realistic about this business and avoid getting sucked in. I’ve completed my task, he said.
He remarked of Helenius, “The man has talent. I needed to understand him. I believe he has the potential to cause a lot of people issues, but I won’t say more. I hope to see you soon. I should remain active.
He joked, “I’ve got a back issue,” in response to a question on the forthcoming fight with Wilder. I’m carrying this heavyweight category to the top, so my back is completely gone.


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