7 Best Hacking Tools Everyone Must Know

♻️7 Best Hacking Tools Everyone Must Know♻️
1. Nmap
It is a free and open-source tool that is used for network discovery and security auditing.
2. Metasploit
It is basically a Security Assessment and Penetration Testing tool. Metasploit can be used to launch an attack on other systems with it.
3. Angry IP Scanner
It is one of the fastest IP addresses and port scanner. By using this hacker can easily gather information about open ports in the target system.
4. Nikto
It is a webserver assessment tool. Nikto is an open-source platform that performs tests against Web Servers to find various vulnerable files, misconfigurations, outdated servers and programs on that web server.
5. John the Ripper
JTR is free and open-source software that is widely used by hackers for password cracking. It uses the various cryptanalysis attacks such as “Dictionary Attack” and “Brute-Force Attack”.
6. Wireshark:
It is an open-source tool that is used to capture traffic on the network. It is basically a network protocol analyzer tool.
7. Burp Suite:
It is an integrated platform that is used for performing a test on web application security.
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