2023:Afenifere secretary named as Peter Obi’s South-West campaign coordinator


The Director General, of the ObiDatti Presidential Campaign Council, Mr Akin Osuntokun, on Friday, announced Mr Olusola Ebiseni as campaign coordinator of the South West zone for the presidential campaign council.

Osuntokun held the position before his appointment as Director-General of the Obidatti presidential campaign council.

Ebiseni is the Secretary-General of the pan-Yoruba socio-political Organisation, Afenifere.

Announcing Ebiseni’s appointment, Mr Osuntokun, in a statement, said: “On behalf of the Obidatti presidential campaign council, it is my privilege and honour to announce the appointment of Barrister Olusola Ebiseni as the campaign coordinator of the South West zone. In this capacity, he is my successor in the same position I held before my deployment to serve as the Director General of the campaign organisation. Please join me in felicitations as we welcome Ebiseni on board the train to deliver a new Nigeria that works for us all.”