First off, Tinubu’s presidential ambition should be received as, and it is indeed a declaration of war against Nigeria and Nigerians. I have elaborately commented on this in previous articles.

Every logical and reasonable compatriots following the race towards 2023 general election must see Bola Tinubu’s impromptu declaration as his attempt to intercept the decision of President Buhari who during his recent media chat with Channels Television implicitly declared that he won’t support Tinubu if he obstinately contest the seat of the president in the forthcoming 2023 election.

This is not the first time President Buhari will be speaking in a simplistic parables about 2023 election. Indeed elders in Africa speak in parables especially in dicey situation and particularly when they think certain individuals deserves their honor. Instead of refusing or confronting their interest, they talk to them in parables.

But it is one thing for an elder to pass a message in parables, it is another for the owner of the message to decipher it. In the third sense, it requires wisdom and humility to use it. Indeed when elders talk and they are unreasonably ignored, the natural end is ignominy. This is the exact and futuristic end of Tinubu’s excruciating, infamous and unpopular presidential declaration.

Two times, President Buhari has spoken albeit in parables but an obstinate Tinubu refuse to consult widely if he was not wise enough to decode his impending loom of national opprobrium.

First time- President Buhari said “somebody cannot stay in Lagos and think he will become president of Nigeria”. Of course, except one intend to change the cap on the head, common sense says that President Buhari’s gun boat diplomacy was directed at Tinubu.

Second time- just recently during the media chat with Channels TV, President Buhari declared that “he already made his choice of successor but he won’t mention his name so that he doesn’t get killed.” Again, it is obvious even to the blind that Tinubu does not belong to the category of ‘neophytes’ that a Buhari can shield, or a premature declaration for him will kill prematurely. He is in himself an institution which I decried is a threat to the nation’s nascent democratic institution.

Finally President Muhammad Buhari has talked as a general. We should look forward to the declaration of others including the president’s choice. Since Buhari was not interested in Tinubu, Jagaban as he is infamously called has traveled to Abuja to mention himself. But this is late and rather hilarious if you ask me.


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